Established in 1990 by Dr. John Hash and  Dr. Corinthia Boone, the U.S. Capitol Bible Reading Marathon brings hundreds of believers to the West front of the Capitol to read aloud the entire Word of God without commentary over ninety  continuous hours.​
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Things you Can Teach Your Kids Before They Can Even Talk


Read Aloud International

Making sure families get the quality time they deserve.

Time together is more and more precious as many families feel the squeeze of rough financial times and the pull of electronic media — and nothing quite beats reading aloud for a fun, cheap activity that allows all ages to gather around for some actual face time. Reading aloud brings families together in a fun, loving, cooperative way. 

Engaging families 

in conversations that matter most.

Flagstaff Bible Marathon

Flagstaff Bible Marathon
Things you can teach your kids before they can even talk
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Bible Pathways How to Kit
​The 10th Annual Flagstaff Bible Marathon starts Thursday, September 22nd at noon and finishes Sunday, September 25th at noon.​
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